Web Design

I have worked on various websites and I am proficient with WordPress and Wix. Below are links to some websites I am currently administering. Click on the different links to see the website>>

Arlington Foot and Ankle:

This is a podiatry and I currently update the website as required by the doctor. On this website patients are able to get all the information of the podiatry and book appointments.


Independent Buddies:

This is a website for a dog walking company which I designed from scratch after being tasked by the owner. On the website pet owners are able to schedule walks with the company.


Loud Sheep is my very own website which I also made from scratch up using wordpress. Loud Sheep is meant to advertise the work I do for different clients.

The Voice of Africa

I designed the voice of Africa website from scratch in liaison with the CEO of the organization. At this point I was the PR personnel for the organization.


Dance Art Theater

I updated the DAT website and gave it a new look as the dance company was preparing for their festival