I follow a user centered design approach to my work aligning your business goals and objectives with the needs of your users. I use empathy as a core tool in my User Experience design to help me create design solutions that are beneficial to users.

I work closely and collaborate with my clients and go through a unique diagnosis of the problem before prescribing solutions. I go through rapid cycles of work, feedback, refinement and validation in my process so that there is much less long term risk to the end product. This allows me to deliver a useful, usable and successful experience for your users and in turn a return on investment for your business.




What is Hofisi
This is a mock up app created to show the need for an app which does away with the need for paperless business cards. This app allows you to meet a fellow business partner and scan their business profile directly from their phone.

My Role
I came up with this concept entirely after realizing how often I was getting business cards and losing them. I designed the apps interface. Creating all the menus and buttons depending on how the user is going to use the app. Soon these designs will go through user tests to get what users think of this app and design.


01-Learn. Gain knowledge of users, context, technologies, gather user data, research competitive products, conduct interviews and filed studies.

02-Explore. Build user profiles on gathered data, produce materials that will aid the outlining of the project, site maps, content inventories, screen flows, navigation models, task flows, user journeys, scenarios.

03-Select. Evaluate, test, and select wire-frame concepts for prototype development.

04-Develop. Create design specifications and evolve concept and wire-frames into full design solution.

05-Refine. Evaluate design with stakeholders to obtain feedback and conduct usability testing

06-Deliver. Complete design and produce deliverables.

Zimbabwe App

What is Zimbabwe App
This is a mock up app intended to be a one stop shop for tourists visiting the country of Zimbabwe.

Not only is meant for tourists but locals who desire to know more about Zimbabwe and get important information such as jobs etc.

The need for this app
After staying in the US I realized that Westerners love to travel. Unfortunately the information on the internet is fragmented. Having this app and website is meant to help those interested in visiting Zimbabwe get all the information they need in one place.

Work overview
– Sitemap
– High fidelity wireframes
– Usability testing research
– Graphic style guide


What is Louder
Louder is a digital audio workstation mock app which enables musicians to collaborate in recording without having to send the files manually.

Using cloud computing and storage all the user has to do is hit the record button and begin the recording and the recording sessions will automatically be downloaded to all the other users who are sharing the application and that particular document.

Sketching and Wireframes

The power of the pencil is that it is the quickest way to get designs on paper. Sketching also bring a very big difference between drafting on paper and designing to the perfect pixel. When you come up with different iterations of a solution to a problem you get better results because first instincts have the problem of being too conservative. Sketching is also quick and risk free.

A wireframe is a concept which represents the skeleton of the website or mobile app – the layout of all the main functioning elements. Usually, it does not contain specific design features, but it definitely shapes the overall design concept of the website or app. A wireframe allows the developer to see how different parts interrelate with each other and what challenges might appear during the development process.